10 things I’ll miss, Part 1

In no particular order, just as I realize them.

1.  Starbucks dates on Saturday mornings with my dad. We get coffee, sometimes food, grab a chair, and chat.  About anything.  We’ve talked football, sports, church culture, people, travel, risk, relationships, money, planning, building, learning, growing, and, well, coffee.  To name a few.  I guess in a few weeks we’ll have to set up some Skype videocam dates.  Do they drink coffee in South Korea?

2.  Taking family-walks. Seriously, we do this.  Our 1/4-mile cul-de-sac is perfect for this, and if we leave the dog at home we do a 2-mile loop further down the road.  We pass a barn and some horses and some very obnoxious dogs.  Oh, and a mini-sinkhole that is forming.  Usually me, my parents, and my sister; although, the other night Gabe actually asked if we could go for a walk.  He tried to tell me about WoW–I told him I’d listen, but I wouldn’t get any of it.  When Savannah comes, we’ll play soccer.  And more talking.

3.  My church family. This morning, I watched Kayla come in and give Marvin a hug, probably to congratulate him on his marriage (last week!).  It just hit me, I’ll miss this.  I’ll miss John telling me, “You look great! How are you?”  I’ll miss Lauren offering me facials.  I’ll miss the coffee table, and when my dad gets really into his sermons and people laugh and have a good time.  I’ll miss seeing little Riley’s smile, and how her daddy dotes on her.  I’ll miss meeting new people and talking for 20 minutes after the service.  I’ll miss ‘playing’ bass, and being half-way decent at it.  I’ll miss having Sunday morning be the best morning of my week.

4.  My house. The sunsets, the yard, the garden, and hey, the pool.  It’s just a relaxing place to live, minus the five kids, three cats, and two dogs.  Although I’ll miss the craziness, too.

5.  Lazy evenings. Sometimes, I’ll sit in the great room with my parents, and we’ll just talk.  It’s nice, and relaxing, and I’ll miss it.  The end.


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