I’m in the future

As in, it’s 4:30 a.m., and for most of you guys, it’s almost dinner time yesterday.

Way to be behind.

I’m living in Seoul right now, for Orientation, then I’ll move to Incheon the last weekend in August.

The 12-hour flight from San Fran wasn’t bad!  I made friends with an Indian man because he had a super-cute 2-year-old son, so we hung out in the back of the plane (I may have semi-creepily followed them back there and asked if I could play with his son!) and chatted.  He’s relocating his family back to India for a job.  The little boy just ran around, smiling–made me think maybe I should have requested elementary school!  Also, to people whose weddings I’ve been to, I had a bottle of wedding-bubbles with me, which helped when the boy started to cry.  He loved those!

With orientation, I’ve been meeting other teachers–who are in every city and province except the one I’m in!  Which is convenient because I won’t have to pay for hostels when I travel, right?  But I wouldn’t mind having someone to get lost in Incheon with.  I love getting lost and finding random things.

Some of the people who are here:

A South African couple who wanted a change after 1 1/2 years of working post-grad.

Korean-Americans who speak Korean and are familiar with the country.

Korean-Americans who don’t know a word of Korean.

Canadians, Texans, West Coast people…it’s great!   I haven’t met anyone else from the East Coast yet.  A lot of mid-west.

A group of 11 of us went out last night (or yesterday morning, for y’all!), and about 30 minutes after we had ordered, we’re all just hanging out, and the bartenders bring us fruit platters!  I’ve heard this country is very hospitable, and it makes me happy to see it in action! I ate the watermelon 🙂

Um, I think those are the basics.  There’s a decent amount of military fatigues on the streets, which is interesting.  I mean, I went to school in western PA, so seeing camo has never had the connotation of official-ness.  So it’s different.

Basically, I am safe.  And it’s really humid here, so my hair is super-curly.

Now it’s 5 a.m. and I’m going to try sleeping again.  I’ll let you know when something exciting happens.  And I’ll try to actually take pictures, since I’m so bad at that.

Good night!

Oh, they gave us all these super-cool-looking polos to wear on Sunday for our “cultural adventure” so they don’t lose us in the city.  So. Pumped.  I might do pigtails, to complete the school-girl look.  Actually I won’t, because I hate pigtails, but seriously.  It’s going to be great!


5 responses

  1. Not dinner time yesterday for me, I’m British:-D

    I’m a teacher too, but one with a family so travel’s out. Sounds like your Incheon adventure is just beginning. Good luck….I’ll be back to see how it goes. especially the teaching bit.

    • Thanks for the support–and once I get into the thick of it, any teaching tips would also be greatly appreciated, of course! I hope I explore this country enough to keep things interesting!

  2. Enjoy every minute of it. I’m interested in featuring your stories on bordercrashers.com with links back to your blog. I know people in Korea at the moment and they’re having a ball, enjoy yourself.

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