My First Day on the Job!

(Sorry no pictures in this one, I don’t have internet in my apartment yet, and probably won’t for at least a week!)

I don’t teach this week, which is rare, so I am lucky to have an adjustment period.  I have to give the vice-principal an outline of my lessons for the semester, and plan my lessons for the following few weeks.

I am in an office with about 10 other teachers, and they were all in a meeting this morning–I went for a few minutes to introduce myself, but the rest was in Korean so I came back here–and a ton of students swarmed into the office!  I had no idea what was going on, if this is normal, or what!

Whenever I would say the two or three phrases of Korean I know, the students would clap–so I stopped speaking Korean, because I felt awkward!  But some of the teachers were very impressed that I knew some Korean since I have only been here 2 weeks, and I think the principal was pleased as well.

I met the principal and the vice-principal, and they both seem very pleasant.  The other English-speaking teachers are also very friendly and willing to help.  I can’t wait to get the paperwork side of things straightened out–my Alien Registration Card, cell phone, internet, etc.  Then I can settle in!

Culture Differences

Koreans are very polite.  My co-teacher–who is in charge of explaining things to me, like getting my ARC, etc.–always tells me things by saying, “I think you might want to…”  Basically, whatever I “might want to do,” I need to do!

I need to buy a pair of “indoor shoes.”  My co-teacher said I “might not have to,” but that means–you might guess–that I should.

My Co-Teacher

She is only a couple of years older than me, and was very happy that I love shoes, and skirts, and purses, and jewelry.  She was wearing a skirt when I met her, and a dress today, so we should get along famously!  She lives pretty far outside Incheon, but one of the other English teachers (she studied in Fairfax, VA for a year!) said she can’t wait for us all to hang out, so I am really excited about that!  I want Korean friends!

Oh my goodness, the office swarms with students during breaks.  They like practicing their English on me.  I have had this conversation a gillion times today: “Hello! Where are you from? How are you? I am fine, thank you. Bye!”

Things you can look forward to hearing about when I can post video again:

*) My posh apartment. And by posh, I mean small.  It’s perfect though!

*) Korean Music Wave.  That’s right, I went to a K-pop concert.  Every bit as amazing as it sounds.

Hooray for lesson planning!


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