We started the wave at Munhak Stadium!

GREAT first weekend.

Friday. I went out for pizza with three of my co-teachers who are my age–mid-20s.  We had sweet potato pizza!  Different, right?  The crust was stuffed, but with sweet potato.  SO GOOD.

Later, Francesca and I discovered some fun places in Seoul around an art school there, courtesy of a few guys who have been here since the February/March intake.  We tried to meet up with Becca, Ryan, and Mike, but our lack of cell phones caused problems in that area.  But then Becca was here for the weekend (she lives in a country town a couple hours east of Seoul), so it was all good.

Saturday. Incheon’s soccer team played Busan/Pusan at Munhak Stadium (only 1 subway stop away from me–so clutch), and tickets were only 8,000won!  The stadium was pretty empty–baseball is a much bigger sport here, so we will have to go to one of those games next!–and we just bought the cheapest tickets and sat around midfield in the front.  I got really into the cheering, of course!  I tried to join this super-cute 4ish-year-old boy in his cheering, but I just scared him, so I went back to my seat 🙂 (picture 1).

We sat next to this group of about 5-10 middle school boys, and chatted a bit.  We taught them to pound and say “what’s up,” and some other good ol’ American slang, and then the pound-explode.  So great. (Pictures 2 & 3.)

And then, we taught them the wave.  It was amazing.  We started with our group of about 15 people, then we got the kids we were talking to to join, then more Koreans on the right joined in, then it started spreading to the left, then Eric and I ran a little farther down and started trying to get the rest of the crowd in on it—AND WE DID!  Seriously, it made my weekend.

(It’s a bit hard to see, but it happened.  The wave starts around 45 seconds, and the second one is the best; video courtesy of Eric Burton!)

Sunday. I’m at Francesca’s right now, and she just discovered that last guy to live here left the cable hooked up, so we watched Terminator 3–in English!–and she made dinner with a bunch of different mandu (dumplings-ish) and tofu and mushrooms, which was delicious.  A very good ending to the weekend.  And I’m happy to not be in my apartment, all alone, with no internet and no TV and no phone.  I am dependent on technology, I will admit.  I just love people too much to be that disconnected!!

There’s more to say, of course, always!  But I don’t want all of these to be a mile long, so I’ll stop there for now, and try to fill you in later in the week.  Tomorrow is my first official day of teaching–should be interesting!  Especially because some of my classes are shortened because of testing this week.  I don’t think I have a single week where everything’s normal, what with festivals and holidays and tests and things.


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