Quick story from the day

My last class of the day was a rowdy bunch of 9th graders.  One girl was very entertaining.

I showed the class pictures of friends, and they asked if one of them was my boyfriend.  When I said, “No, he has a wife!” the girl goes, “Ohhh, bvery saaad storyyy.”

They asked if I was married (they just start shouting, “Husband-uh? Husband-uh?”), and I said, “No,” and again, “Saaad storyy!”

At the end of class, I walked out with a group of girls–including this one–and she asked about my friend who was married.  I told her, “All my best friends are getting married!”  To which she replies (as you can guess!), “Ohh, bverry saad storyyy!!”

She cracks me up!  I’m glad that class comes when it does, because the class before is very unresponsive.

I am already tired of my lesson, but I still have 3 days left to teach it!!  I’m going to have to change it up to keep myself sane!


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  1. Hey Rachel,
    Sounds like you are doing well, except for the A.C. thing. Maybe one of your student’s dad could call for you? I’m amazed that any socio-economic group can get fast service from a repairman. Unfortunately that doesn’t help in the U.S.!

    Just wanted you to know that we are praying for you and keeping up with your blog.

    • Melody,
      Thank you so much for the prayers and support–I’m definitely adjusting to life over here, so any help is welcomed!
      Thankfully, it is very cool today, and I think fall is setting in, so it’s not so bad. For the rest of the week, students are putting on English plays after school, and I think I get to help judge!

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