A little of this, a pinch of that, a tad of culture “shock”

Life here is turning into, well, LIFE!  So it’s hard to blog about everything, because it’s just normal, you know?  So I’ll try to bullet-point some things for you all!!

  • When I get tired, evidently I use “y’all” a lot. So I gave my students a quick lesson in the meaning of “y’all.”  I don’t think it sunk in.
  • My cell phone is awesome.  It’s the free phone, but so much fancier than the free phones in America.  Ready for the list?  Subway map, dictionary, unit converter, fake phone call (so if I want to get out of an awkward situation, I press * 3 times and get a phone call from “Bert.” Any “Friends” watchers know why I named him Bert?) , a beach ringtone so my alarm in the morning is ocean waves, video phone, and of course very phone here is also an MP3 player.  Google “magic hole phone” to see the pretty changing lights on the front (yes, the name is magic hole.).  I got purple!
  • Teaching is the most exhausting job EVER.  I think that, combined with being surround by a foreign language all day, takes its toll.  I think I’m starting to adjust though.
  • Not understanding anything that is going on around you is frustrating.  I think that’s the hardest bit of “culture shock” I am dealing with.  Especially because this culture is so polite, everything is softened, so it’s hard to gauge if you’re “appropriate” or not.
  • Our school had a festival today, and I have no time to really say anything else, I’m going to play bass in the teachers’ band–haha!  I got “volunteered” for it when they found out I could play, because they had everything except for a bass player.  So I gotta run. (Also, our school is meeting up with a boys’ high school, so my students are VERY excited!)

But on another note–my kids are crazy creative!!  Again, with my promise of pictures, I’ll put up some of the festival as well.

There’s a big dinner with all the teachers in the school tonight, too–should be fun!


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