At least half the country is traveling today and tomorrow

Chuseok is this week. It’s the biggest holiday here: most people get at least 3 days off, and the highways will be flooded with cars and packed buses.

Unfortunately for us, we haven’t gotten paid yet, so our plans are limited. Unless you’re Dan and Amelia and can swing a trip to Tokyo anyway. The rest of us are heading out to the beach on the east coast. The weather is supposed to be chilly (after melting for the first month, it cools down in time for us to go the beach), but honestly, it will be beautiful. I’ll be so happy to see some nature again, breathe some fresh air, and get out of the city!

Yesterday, I went to Seoul with Ryan and his co-teacher and when we went to the river, both Ryan and I got even more excited for the beach after seeing actual grass! (The river is an 8km river below street level that runs through areas of downtown Seoul. It’s gorgeous.)

There are so many mountains in and around Incheon. My project for October is to see how much hiking I can do after school, because my weekends will be a lot of traveling.

I want to visit Becca’s town, and Dan and Amelia up north–they are planning a trip to Seoraksan for her birthday, which I want to join. When winter hits, Karl lives near the major ski resorts, so that’ll be grand.

So we’ll see how it all plays out! Right now, I just want to get paid, so I can get internet in my house, and breathe a little easier. We’re all running out of cash, which is a fun game!

OH. So this cracked me up completely:

Ryan tried to order beef when he was at “The Meat Factory” by pointing and saying “this please” in Korean. But I think our accents are all just atrocious, so the waiter had no idea what was going on. So he started moo-ing. Finally the waiter just walked away and brought some meat–which was fine, because he and Karl are actually there right nowtried to go again but it was closed so they’re off meat-hunting.

Apparently, cows speak Korean. In Korea, the sound cows make is, “Mmmeeeee,” according to Ryan’s co-teacher and Sooha. So, yeah. I laughed for a solid 30 seconds. I’ve been laughing a lot lately, it’s grand.

Also, I’ve been having ridiculously crazy dreams. And it’s not just me. A bunch of us have been having the weirdest, most bizarre dreams of our lives. OK, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration, but still! It’s weird.

So that’s the plan: bum around Incheon today, head out to Samcheok tomorrow until Saturday or Sunday, then hit the teaching deal full-tilt until the end of December, which is our next opportunity for a break/vacation. Hopefully we all survive! And hopefully I’ll have plenty of weekend-adventures to share.

Have a good Chuseok holiday!!

And the thunderstorm right now is vicious. I’m loving this, because I’m inside, and not getting soaked. And listening to the thunder crack overhead.


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  1. Rachel, is it too late to sign up for lessons in Korean? I think that would be a nifty thing to do as I could check in with our Korean folks at church…4 regulars…to see how the pronunciation works. Do you sign me up? Thanks, Love, Grandma

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