You know that moment when you realize the thing you’re chewing on has tentacles?

Happened to me yesterday at lunch. I don’t mind squid, it’s just not my favorite. Too chewy. Doesn’t taste at all like chicken.

Of course, there’s nothing quite like seeing a box of octopus inside a grocery store.  They’re usually next to the tank of live crab bigger than my head.

Grocery shopping is…different.  Cheese and honey will cost you twice as much as back home, but I could eat my fill of sushi and caviar for less than a dinner at Panera.

Because Korea has to import so much, they eat EVERYTHING.  They eat garlic, and the heads of the garlic plant, and radish–SO much radish–and the heads of the radish plant, and so many different types of greens my co-teachers don’t even know what they are.  Everything’s just cooked in some type of sauce or pepper paste, so it’s all good.

I’m annoyed this morning.  I was just informed that the “flip-flops” I wore to school are inappropriate for a teacher.  We should wear heels or sneakers.  Um, excuse me.  They have freaking diamonds on them, and should be referred to as “sandals,” thank you very much.  Pretty sure they look a touch nicer than my ratty sneakers.  But if you insist, I’d rather wear my ratty sneakers anyways.

It’s not even a big deal, you literally wear your shoes to school, then change into “indoor shoes.”  Most people wear tacky plastic sandals, although a few wear sneakers or something else.  I’m sporting these, which are a touch nicer than most, for the record:

The appearance deal is a whole other post itself, but for now it suffices to say it’s an obsession here.  80% of the women have plastic surgery, and a decent chunk of the men.  And men love shiny suits.  And purses.  I’m more jealous of the men’s purses here than the women’s.  Still haven’t figured out what they fill those bags with, though.


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