Around my neighborhood: The First Floor

My little corner of Incheon, as seen from my building.

I love walking to Francesca’s place.  I walk down my street a block or two, then turn right onto her’s for a block or two.  I first ran across and then fell in love with a pastry shop called “The Veranda,” which I’ll have to feature in a later post.

Point being:

I noticed, as I walked along, that one building’s bottom floor had a young couple working on the inside–day after day, for the first few weeks of my life here.  I loved walking past.  This couple would always be there, with the front of the building totally open, building their little place.  It slowly took shape, and the day it opened, I told Francesca we had to visit this place.

So last night, we finally did.  It’s called “The First Floor,” and the sign on the front informs you that they serve coffee, tea, and beer (as every other bar here does–I found that slightly funny in a “huh” kind of way).

The four dark-paneled windows slide to the side to make it totally open, when it’s nicer out and there’s more people than can really fit inside.

We walked in, and we both immediately fell in love.  Let me give you the lowdown.  They have a piano, a couple guitars, a bass, & a set of bongo drums in one corner (literally corner, this place is small–maybe the size of my apartment if you gutted the bathroom and made it all one room).  The corner next to the music is their kitchen, and peeking to the left of the register revealed a shelf with a few of my favorite men.  The front is perfectly homey–a few tables, and the left wall is a cushioned bench (lime green slightly fuzzy cushion!) for booth seating for the wall tables.

Chess got a Heineken –they have a decent selection, which is sometimes hard to find here, what with everything being imported–and I, having just stuffed myself at a buffet with my co-teachers, decided on a pot of Earl Grey.  They also played good music: started off more rock–including a little Blondie–then they turned on their flat screen TV to play a Beyonce concert from awhile back–which I guess is their night-play-list?  Either way, I love her, too, so it’s all good.

The man brought us a plate of chips, and after we finished our drinks he followed the chips with another pot of tea on the house along with a plate of bite-sized, crunchy chocolate chip cookies.  I love the Korean deal of giving presents.

Really friendly couple, too.  The woman’s English was passable, and she gave us her business card.  Business cards are a big deal here.  A lot of people have them.  I need to get me a few!  Not really.

Anyways.  I look forward to spending a bit more time there.  It was just so cozy, and I could definitely see myself just hanging out there until the wee hours of the morning.

Some nights, fireworks go off outside my building. Chess thinks they’re from Munhak Stadium, because they happen fairly regularly. It’s about as good a guess as any!

Here are a few pictures I forgot to include in the last post.

From Friday night. Random groups of people walking by on stilts and in mascot-type heads–yeah, that’s normal.
Impulsive B-boy dance-off in Hongdae area.

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  1. Any place that serves you a pot of earl grey tea alongside beer would be a perfect place for me…I could get the tea while everyone else I went out with could get beer! Why don’t places in the US do this?

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