This is funny–for lack of a better title

I found this website.  And there went my afternoon.

I did the whole laughing-but-trying-not-to-so-it-comes-out-sounding-kind-of-like-you’re-choking bit.  Which works ’cause the Korean version of “hahahaha” is “kkkkk.”  So maybe I fit right in?

(I was supposed to “work from home” today and tomorrow, but the vice-principal is the one who had said I could, and he’s out until Friday so he can’t give me verbal permission, so…this is what happens.)

Anyways.  Some insights into what life is like here for those across the ocean, and a few laughs for those who live here with me!


Reminds me of the time I tried in vain to pronounce this man's name, and he finally exclaimed, "No, Jin SAM! ONE "S," not two!" Yeah, OK man.



Whenever we said either of the two Korean words we know during our hike, the other person immediately got excited and started rattling of Korean. To which we smiled, shrugged, said the other of the two Korean words we know, and kept walking.



I really do feel bad for these kids--and I don't get mad when they sleep in class.



I miss having a dryer. Although mostly for the shrink-effect.



"Waygook. Samcheok Beachy."



Konglish is a wonderful thing!



And you thought I was joking about the matching couples bit. Nope. Levi jumped on the bandwagon with a matching boxer/bra&underwear set that is EVERYWHERE in stores.



Because they really ARE impossible to find when you need them.



Dedicated to those who eat more fast food in Korea than back home



Shopping in Korea really is this ridiculous



And I thought the passing-people-awkwardly deal ended after college. Nope!



Gotta get that food delivered on time!



I am DEFINITELY hunting for Korean restaurants first thing after I get back to the U.S.! They perfected the art of barbecue and all-you-can-eat-meat.



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