How to have a conversation using 5 words or less

I went to the rock gym tonight.

After I left, a man from the gym literally jogged after me, grabbed me, and pointed to the restaurant I was walking past. “Chicken? Chicken!”

So I went inside with him and joined a handful of other climbers from the gym. And we had a grand old time!

The one other girl knew a few more words than the others. And there are always the korean-english dictionaries in our phones to fall back on!

And charades do a world of good.

And I think I’m going climbing with them in Seoul on Sunday. Pretty sure. That was a five-word conversation.

“8. Sunday. Climbing. Seoul. Harness?”


So I guess that’s six words.


2 responses

  1. sounds like you’re enjoying yourself in Korea. hope you keep learning to speak Korean and immersing yourself in the culture. it really is a great place.

    have you found a favorite Korean food yet? from my year, less two weeks, I came to love bi-bam-bap.

    • bimimbap is definitely up there. i think samgyeopsal takes the cake on this one, along with any of its cousins–barbecue’s great here!
      my fall-back snack is song pyun though, for sure.
      and i’m working on the language, slow process that it is!

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