I’d so have a lawsuit against me in the U.S. right now

Long sleeves were a bad choice

One day, one of my favorite students (yes, I have favorites.  Four of them.  And then there’s a second tier.  Moving on!)–anyways, one of my favorite students stopped by my desk before class.  “Teacher!  Lunch, soccer, play?”


So we did.

Problem: I am a fairly intense person.  I don’t stop being intense just because there are middle school girls around me.  (Honestly, it’s probably more the other way around most times.)

We had a solid few minutes of decent sand-court soccer.

And then I knocked her down.


I felt bad, of course, but she didn’t seem to mind.  She had some scrapes on her hand so she headed off to the nurse while we finished our game.

Later, she came by my office.  And showed me the huge swath of skin that was all red and raw, right below her knee.  Probably about the size of my cell phone.

Oops again!

So I gave her candy.

This is what happens when you give your camera to middle school girls while you play soccer. I have no idea who this is.

The cheering section? More or less


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