Who would you save?

For my 3rd grade (middle school) class, we did a “Who would you save?” scenario.  The reasons were interesting.  And sometimes hilarious, like for the Buddhist Monk.  Read on!

Scenario: You’re on a ship.  The ship is sinking.  There is an uninhabited island a few miles away, but the waters are shark-infested.  You get in the only lifeboat, and 6 people can fit in the life boat with you (pictures were included, as you will see from some of the reasons):

  • CEO, male, 40 years old
  • Professional wrestler, male, 28
  • Farmer, male, 46
  • Surfer, male, 21
  • Police Officer, male, 39
  • Homemaker, female, 35
  • Nurse, male, 40
  • Doctor, female, 62
  • Comedian, male, 35
  • Handicapped boy, male, 8
  • Pregnant teenager, female, 17
  • Lawyer, female, 36
  • Buddhist Monk, male, 29

Reasons to not save

  • CEO
    • doesn’t have money now
  • Wrestler
    • he is too heavy/strong
    • “he is violent”
    • “because he is trash”
  • Farmer
    • “he will eat a lot of food”
    • “he has little money”
    • not useful
  • Surfer
    • he can swim well, so he can save himself
  • Police officer
    • he is supposed to sacrifice himself for others
    • “because he is unuseful”
    • “nothing criminal”–no criminals are on the island (obviously they’ve never seen “Lost”)
    • “He is dangerous”
    • “There is no use” for him
  • Homemaker
    • “We don’t have a house”
    • no special reason to save her
    • not useful
    • she is noisy
  • Nurse
    • “because Doctor exist”
    • “Doctor is enough to cure us”
    • “We have a Doctor with many experiences”
    • “The Doctor is in the boat”
  • Doctor
    • too old (said several times)
    • will save Nurse instead
  • Comedian
    • the situation will make him sad and he won’t be funny
    • he is too fat and will eat too much
    • he is a pig
    • “there is no use” for him
    • he is too heavy (for the boat)
  • Handicapped boy
    • he can’t get along with others
    • he is weak
    • “unuseful”
    • isn’t help to us
  • Pregnant teenager
    • “too young to raise her baby”
    • “when her baby borne, eat a lot of milk”
    • “she is too young”
    • “trash”
  • Lawyer
    • “very smart so selfish”
    • “there is no use” for her
  • Buddhist Monk
    • “rebirth”–that is, he will reincarnate
    • “He can meet Buddha after he dies,” “He is liberated”
    • we don’t believe in religion–“We believe each other”
    • not useful

Reasons to save

  • CEO
    • smart
    • affects the world
  • Wrestler
    • he’s strong, has power
    • he can protect us
    • “He will save us when we are in a dangerous situation”
  • Farmer
    • he can grow food
    • he makes grain
    • we need food
    • we need rice to eat
    • he can make rice
  • Surfer
    • good swimmer
    • “save people in the sea”
    • “he can swim and young”
    • “because he is handsome and muscular”
  • Police officer
    • he can make people stop fighting, can protect us from our fighting
  • Homemaker
    • she can cook, make us good food to eat
    • she has a family
  • Nurse
    • young
    • help doctor
    • he can take care of us, cure us
  • Doctor
    • she can cure us, cure other sick people, take care of us
  • Comedian
    • can make us laugh
  • Handicapped boy
    • he is sick and young
    • too young
    • he is very young “it is very very useful”
  • Pregnant teenager
    • “she has a baby”
    • pregnant, “she has two lives”
    • “one body -> two lives”
    • “She has baby. Then, she has 2 life”
  • Lawyer
    • she is smart
    • helps us when we’re fighting
    • if we save her she’ll give us money
    • she can protect us when we will escape
  • Buddhist Monk
    • No one wanted to save him…hum. Mostly because he was “not useful.”

And that was only after two classes!  Eight more to go with this lesson!

(If you’re a teacher and want the PPT/handouts for this, let me know.  They really got into it, and it took about 40 minutes.)

Anywhos. I got back from dinner a bit ago, and am going to take a nap before heading out for some live music and janks.

My energy levels have been basically non-existent of late. Bah.


20 responses

  1. HAHAHAHA ohh man literally laughing so hard when I was reading some of these!! My favorite was probably the reason not to save the comedian “the situation will make him sad and he will not be funny”. Priceless :]

  2. Dear Rachel,
    I really like your ‘who would you save’ lesson. Is it possible you could please send me the ppt etc by email. I’ve included my email in the bit where I need to add details.
    many thanks

  3. ran into this searching for the “shipwreck” activity… would LOVE to do this with my 7th graders. imagine i’d get some great answers. do you still have the ppt etc? my email is award2@wcpss dot net (sorry, didn’t want to get spam)

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