Get paid to play slumber party games

I love realizing games I played as a kid work wonderfully as blown-up lesson plans.

And then there’s the added bonus of 400 1st grade girls giggling and laughing and practicing English while you just hang out and watch them have a ball.

So for the teachers…

They were studying how to use “I will,” so we played the fortune telling game!  It also took about 35 minutes, which is always a beautiful thing.

Basically, I gave them scrap paper and told them to tear it into four strips.  Each person writes down a type of house, a man’s name, how many kids, and a job.  Then they put them all in piles, and one student at a time picks one piece of paper from each pile and gives their “fortune” to the student across from them (my students sit at tables of 8, 4 on each side).  THAT student reads them their fortune: “You will live in a…You will be married to…You will have…You will be a…”

I then had each table pick their favorite fortune to share with the class.

A few entertaining ones:

  • You will have nine-nine-nine-nine-nine-nine-nine-nine-nine-nine-nine-nine boys.
  • You will be married to Just A Beaver (misspelled Justin Bieber)
  • You will be married to 2PM & CNBLUE (not one, but TWO bands–quite a few husbands!)

And there goes a week!  I’ll actually miss this lesson!

I introduced different types of houses (duplex, trailer, mansion, penthouse, etc…) as the vocab, and had the first part of the sentences in the PPT for them to read off of, as most students needed the extra help/reminder.

I also let them write the Man’s Name in Korean–otherwise they labored over writing romanized versions of them for a good 10 minutes.

Grade 1 Chapter 10 PowerPoint (click here to download/steal my PowerPoint for an instant lesson 🙂

Lotte World tomorrow!


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