Creepiest subway ride of my life

Could also be called “Creepiest subway ride of the last 3 months.”  Basically the same thing.

First, I saw this woman (and yes, it’s a mirror image because it scared me so I turned my back to her, then realized this put me in the perfect position to snap a sly photo–although, it is a cell phone photo, so pardon the quality).

It was hard for me not to stare, and I was literally scared.  And confused.  Words cannot describe, and unfortunately, the photo is having a hard time with it as well.  But trust me.

White face paint plus super-sparkly blue eye shadow=scary! I can only hope she was one of the only Koreans who was celebrating Halloween. If it was her normal makeup look...well, that's just scary.

Then–well, before, during, and after–these two ultra-creepy 40-year-old foreigner guys in the next section of seats kept staring at me and smiling in that I-can’t-wait-to-skin-this-live-cat kind of creepy grin while trying to wave and say, “Hello.”  I’ve never felt so creeped out in all my time here.

You may be thinking, “Wow, she just used the word ‘creepy’ three times in different ways. Overkill.”

But you’d be wrong.

I didn’t get a picture of them, because that would have been encouraging it.  As it was, even after I got super irritated and pulled out my witchy side and told them “Stop staring.” in my deadly get-out-of-my-face tone of voice, they KEPT STARING.  AND SMILING.  It was awful.

You know a grin is creepy when you can still see it out of the corner of you eye as you desperately try to avoid eye contact.

At any rate, they stayed on the subway at my transfer stop, so I escaped.

And now it’s time for bed.  But I have at least 3-posts-worth of things to tell you from Thursday-through-today.  So hopefully those will get typed this week!


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