It’s like I work at Google

THE door to my new favorite room at school.

Exactly like that.

At my last job you had a 30 minute break for lunch.  And, as basically every hourly job in America goes, you took a break; as in, you didn’t get paid.

Let’s compare: Not only do I work 8:30-4:30, with eating lunch included in the workday, but the attitude is so much more laid back.  After lunch, I sometimes take a casual stroll around the gym-yard with other teachers as we meander our way back to the office.

Compare that to the mad dash to clock back in and start shuffling papers.  A bit different!

All this leading up to my discovery today: there’s a room for teachers to sleep.

And sleep I did.

This is pretty much the whole room--small, but valuable.

I didn't turn the TV on, but I'm assuming it's hooked up to some sort of basic cable?


I slept on the orange one. Oh, and the bed mats are heated.


One response

  1. Priceless!! I’ve never seen this (beds in a school) before, and am more than a bit surprised. Koreans usually make a show of working long hrs, even if the time is wasted, just so the boss sees them sitting there. This is great though.

    I often work on my reclining couch, with my laptop plugged into our 52″ TV as my 2nd monitor, for my workplace….and my bed isn’t too far away, so I can’t complain I guess, lol.

    Keep the updates coming!

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