10 points if you can name this fruit

It looks like a tomato, but the texture is very crunchy--like a peach that is about 2 weeks from being ripe. So maybe they aren't ripe...hmmmm

A guy brought a box of these into the rock gym tonight, which worked out perfectly because I had been craving fruit–it’s fairly rare here.

Speaking of the gym, talk about the perfect way to cure a bad mood!

On my way there, I stopped by a pastry shop (the shop of the woman who had helped me find the gym in the first place as I tried to follow the worst directions ever given by a human being).  I bought a couple donut-y things, with the intention of sharing them and bribing people to like me, and also because Batman is my new favorite person (I’ll try to get a video-blog about him up, because he’s that cute).

Last week, he said he missed me.  I asked if I could give him a nickname–Batman!  Partly because he swings around those handholds and dangles from the ceiling like its his job, and partly because he had a Batman charm on his crocs.  Then he asked if he could give me a nickname, too.  Um, yes!  He struggled for a few seconds, so I told him he could have time to think about it.

Anyways.  When I arrived, there were no 8-year-old children of any kind.  So sad.  But on the plus side, everyone else loves me.

Back home, I think I’d feel awkward hanging out with so many men–and a good chunk of them in their 40s.  But since all our conversations consist of one-word sentences, it’s not so bad!

Case in point: just had some chicken&beer with a few of them (because I can’t say no to social interaction).

Through a combination of charades, a few English words, and a lot of assuming, we talked about…

  • I did not climb in the States
  • Batman was at home playing computer games–I don’t think that boy ever studies cause he’s usually at the gym.  Good for him!
  • In May, I’m going to take part in some sort of … festival? competition? something? for rock climbing. May 10th.  Sweet.
  • Next year, (they’ll take me?) climbing to the big names around here, such as Insadong and Seoraksan.
  • I was tired and I couldn’t stay late, but they will drink all night until the sun comes up, and one of them drinks every day–I’m assuming in the same fashion
  • I asked how they work if they drink like that, and the acted-out-response was “like a groggy-eyed zombie”

I think that’s it.

Oh yeah.  So.  What kind of fruit is that, anyway?


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