Mall of America ain’t got nuthin’ on this

Lotte World: In Pictures.  With a few words thrown in for kicks and giggles.

We didn’t have school last Thursday ’cause of the school’s anniversary.  Sweet.  These are from that.

At Jamsil (Line 2), there’s a massive Lotte which I visited a few weeks ago.  It houses not only more stores and restaurants than you’ll ever need, along with an ice rink and a bowling alley, but also…the magic that is Lotte World. (Half inside, half outside.)

And all for around $17!

Bridge connecting the indoor park to the island with all the outdoor rides. Don't miss the underground roller coaster! Its name had something to do with space..."Comet" something or other?

There are 6 levels visible here: the bottom two are part of the department store and include the ice rink, and all the buildings and such you see on what looks like the top floor actually create a further 3 floors--so 4 total for the indoor section of the park!

And check out that ceiling!

I found peach rings!

The three co-teachers I hang out with the most--they're around my age

We had shields over our heads to protect our hair. Or that's the story they gave me, and I don't really doubt it.

Gyro Spin! I told them a gyro was a type of Greek food. Then I started craving Greek food.

Eunmi put her hood up so the Atlantis roller coaster wouldn't mess up her hair--and the woman behind us looks reeeaaly happy

Log Flume! They asked me what a flume was...uh, a tube? Dunno, but this ride has the same name everywhere!

Stylin'. The 4-D ride at King's Dominion was way better than this one--FYI.


Views from top of the Gyro Drop



4 responses

  1. Rachel, Websters says that a flume is…a ravine or gorge with a stream running through it…
    an inclined channel for conveying water (as for power)
    I first ran into the word in Oregon at a mining site that had a long wooden trough that used
    to handle water flow in the old days.
    Happy Thanksgiving!! Love, Grandma

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