A handful of pictures

I’m all sick and pale today, and tired and bug-eyed.

But in my office, a coffee-drinking teacher said, “Rachel! Beautiful!”

Sweet. Maybe something to do with pale skin being sought after here? So when I look awful, I look good! Hey, whatever works.

So either it’s one of those false compliments, or the perception of beauty is just a little different here.

One of my students came into the office to hand me the pictured note before 1st period. I guess this makes up for all the “You look tired” comments I usually get and the Monday comment “You have a really big pimple, right here, on your forehead. A big pimple. There. No, right there. It’s really big.”

Gee, thanks for pointing that out. Now I’m not self-conscious at all!

At any rate, a few pictures from around my section of Incheon (all cell-phone picture, sorry!):

From my new favorite student

The park around my subway stop

If you can see, there's a dog on that sign (under the yellow square). Assuming that means that's what they serve there. Don't think I want to eat any, since the torture involved is a little cringe-worthy...

Forget about food, or education. Joysticks for everyone! The for-show English you commonly see is usually good for a smile or two. Makes you wonder who's in charge of making these clothes.


2 responses

  1. Maybe you figured this out by now but the dog in front of the sign doesn’t mean anything! most of the places that serve dog soup try to make it discreet or just put a sign that says that they serve the soup… I guess the owner of the place liked to keep his dog around while he was working haha.

    I stumbled upon your blog today and really enjoyed reading your adventure in Korea 🙂 I have a friend who’s trying to see if he wants to teach English in Korea for a year and I’m sure he’ll appreciate your blog even more than I did! 🙂


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