Don’t jump

It's not even that tall

I’ve tried unsuccessfully to gain access to the roof of my apartment building. Also, Ryan’s and Francesca’s buildings.

All of ours are locked.

I asked my co-teacher why I couldn’t get on my roof. From the outside, I can see there are trees up there. Yes, trees! Why would you decorate a place if you didn’t let anyone up there?


She said it was because so many people were killing themselves nowadays, they didn’t want people jumping from the roof to do it.


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4 responses

  1. That’s too bad you can’t enjoy your rooftop. It was one of our favorite places in Korea. We used to have a table and chairs, and even a small wading pool for our son up there. We also hosted several parties up there since we could beat the heat, reduce noise complaints or just enjoy the fresh air. Our Korean friends found it rather amusing since they would only use their roofs for growing veggies such as green onion up there.

    Keep having fun, and great work with the blog!

    • maybe that’s what the plants are! i’ve noticed that, that most rooftops around here have plants/gardens of some sort–comes from being short on space and not really having grass to speak of i imagine!

  2. Just c’mon up to Gimpo where we have a rooftop get-together/bbq every other week.
    Well, in your case, I’d attempt to plead with the landlord that you and your friends will NOT jump off the roof.
    Cool Post!

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