Called out

In Korea, people say “Maybe” a lot.

“Maybe I watched a drama last night.”

“Maybe you need to remember the code to unlock the door to your office.”

“Maybe you need to sign this super-important piece of paper.”

“Maybe I think you are crazy but maybe I’ll just say that maybe that wasn’t exactly socially acceptable.”

Today, the computer teacher took me on a dandy little hike (yes, dandy. like yankee doodle.) to escape the work scene (no students today, as some teachers have to proctor university entrance exams and [more boring information]).

SoJung, as my unofficial translator and a fellow contract teacher so she has to show up to school along with me when most other teachers don’t so she was there so she came, informed me when the computer teacher made this statement about me:

“You say “maybe” a lot.”

Yikes. That can’t be good.

In my defense, I say “maybe” when I’m actually unsure of something, mostly when they ask me cultural or linguistic questions. Often, I don’t really know–the answer depends on a lot, such as what part of the U.S. you’re in or how you were raised or what English-speaking country you’re from or what have you. You know, people are different.

I’m pretty sure that’s mostly when I use “maybe”–when I actually mean “maybe.”

Although I might be acclimating to the culture in a less-than-desirous way.

Just maybe.

View from the top of...a mountain-hill that starts with "Ch." If there wasn't fog, you could see the bridge to the airport just past that last little strip of land.


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