My cure for homesickness


When I walked into the gym last night, there was a dinner laid out with makgeolli–rice wine, which is eggnog in texture, but with a bite.  Yes, someone had brought a gas burner and disposable chopsticks.  And of course, they waved me over to join.

And of course I did!

Never mind that I had already gone out for dinner.

Never mind that I was about to climb and alcohol and exercise don’t mix.

And that food, whatever it was, was good!  Spicy, some tofu chunks…it rivaled the lunch I had after hiking Thursday.

Anyways.  Continuing the night of unexpected things that made me smile…

When I left, I started the walk to my bus stop.  A guy from the gym pulled up beside me and motioned that he wanted to give me a ride, so jump in I did!

I’m learning to really love broken conversations.  I think his name is “eeh-sohn-oo” (이선우?).  Who knows!

Oh, and the 8-year-old-whom-I-love is trying out more English on me.  He managed to tell me that he’s short, and thin, and when he left he yelled, “RLachel byeee!”

I must needs learn their language.  I’m working on it.

At least I can now properly inform Koreans that I do not like soondae.


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