Ever wonder what a dryer-less apartment looks like?

If you’re thinking I should just build a fort with all these blankets, we’re on the same page.

And if you notice the fridge door with the sheet hanging over it, yes, I unplugged my fridge.  I’ve given up on cooking food in this country for the moment.

A friend uses her fridge for her shoes.  GENIUS.


2 responses

  1. Sitemeter told me you link to my site: thanks!

    Do you have any place you can hang up a clothes line? Or, any place where you can get an extra clothes rack?

    Last January I was renting a 7 foot by 7 foot room in Seoul while studying for the month, and when I had to do laundry it was like a rain forest in there.

    • no problem! your site has enough information to keep me distracted during longer-than-necessary days. also, i noticed you were from/in pittsburgh, which is my second home, and hopefully where i end up living one day–we’ll see!
      i do have a clothes line, it’s too short though–not too worried about it, i just found it entertaining!

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