Costco! Oh yeah, and North Korea’s bombing us again

I think I’ll plug my fridge back in

I need a pumpkin pie. Rumor has it, Costco has them. So I got a membership.

They are out of pumpkin pies, but still, I’ve never been more excited to be in a grocery store.

Blocks of cheese.  BLOCKS.  Of CHEESE.

And spinach!  Oh, leafy, green, salad-making vegetables!  I’ve missed salads, man.

They don’t have Life, but they have the next best thing:

If anyone wants to go with me, I’m allowed a guest. Or two. I’ll check.

North-South relations

In other news, yes, North Korea bombed South Korea. Funnily, if you look at the map included in that article, the closest city named in the South is…can you guess?

Incheon!  Yay!!  (That’s where I live, if you’re just joining us now.)

Chess & I often talk about how our little home here would probably be a main target, if anything significant ever happened.  Seoul is next door–which is obviously a big deal–and then, we have the airport.  Also kind of a big deal.

If you were too lazy to click the article link, and are otherwise oblivious, the short version is: Yeonpyeong island was bombed, the 1200ish civilians evacuated, with several military injured and possibly a death–awaiting confirmation.

Interesting because…

a) at what point do people admit that the cease-fire agreement has been broken?,

b) NK just revealed a “uranium enrichment facility” to the U.S. (kind of like a taunt? I think so),

c) this makes the second time in a month that there has been an exchange of fire,

d) this is (probably) the second time this year that South Korean lives have been lost at the hands of their former countrymen,

e) and the NK military fairly significantly outweighs the SK military–although SK has the U.S., but then NK has China, and it’s just all a big mess.

At any rate. Tomorrow, I’m going back to Costco to see if they’ve restocked pumpkin pies like they said they would.  And I’ll see if my co-workers are worried.


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