When whipped cream meets an average Korean

Without GoogleImages, I'd have to take a lot more pictures

Operation find-a-pumpkin-pie was a success.  I bought two huge pumpkin pies yesterday to introduce the teaching staff at my school to the delights of the Thanksgiving holiday.

The whipped cream, though, was as much of a star as the pie itself!

I, with my flair for the dramatic and my desire to show them the “right” way to do pumpkin pie, sliced a piece and covered it in whipped cream to exclamations of “Ohhh!”!

Then I had to give lessons on the use of the whipped cream can.  A couple teachers held it upside down and then asked why it wasn’t working.

“You press here.”


Too cute.  Who knew something we take for granted as so simple would be such a novelty?

The kicker was when a teacher topped her coffee with the fluffy deliciousness.  And then re-topped it.  And then added more.

One of the teacher’s lived in America last year, so she was especially grateful, as she remembers the Thanksgiving meal she had there and how amazing it is!

Saturday I’ll have a proper Thanksgiving meal, but I know I’ll still be missing lots.  My mom’s rolls, my aunt’s creamed corn…oh yeah, and my actual family. 😉


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