Ask and you shall receive

After an extended sickness, my vice-principal lectured me on how important air humidity is, then said the principal would buy me a humidifier. Which is what this is, if you couldn't tell.

Once upon a time, the principal came into our little office, and commented that I had an old computer monitor–everyone else’s is black, and big, and all hi-def and fancy.

My co-teacher said the school would get me a new computer.

I said, “I’d rather have a couch.”

Then the principal decides that I should, in fact, have a couch.  And a tea table.

So first, I got a new computer monitor.

And after much measuring of my apartment, and going through of options, I decided on this: the cutest couch I have ever seen in my life.  I’m over the moon about it, even if the table is big enough to make it look like a doll couch!

Now all I need are pretty pillow covers so it doesn’t look so bland and vanilla-y.

Yes, I also have zebra slippers to wear around my house. Apartment. Room-with-a-kitchen.

You can unscrew the legs, and unfold the arms and back so it lies flat on the floor. Not exactly a sofa bed, but you can sleep on it anyways!


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