A little slice of home

First, Seokju pointed out that our climbing shoes are the same.

Which is just funny.

But the following bit of conversation is why tonight made up for last week.

“…I want to leave Korea, visit other places.”

“Really?  You can come visit me in America!!” (you know when I get really excited and high-pitched and my eyes get all wide? It was like that.)

“Where you do live?

“Well, nowhere right now. But my family is in Virginia, and I’ve got a bunch of friends in Pennsylvania.”

(I didn’t think he’d know PA, because really, how many people outside of the U.S. know the names of all our states?? I mean, I just figured out how to pronounce Leicester.)

“Oh, Pittsburgh?”

And then I had a mini-heart attack.

But wait…I’ve seen a fair amount of Pittsburgh Pirates gear around, because apparently they have a Korean on the team, and Koreans are serious supporters of their people. So I had to check:

“Why do you know Pittsburgh? The Pittsburgh Pirates?”

“No, no.  Not the Pirates.  I played football for a year, so–”

“American football?!” (<–I’m so excited at this point, it’s ridiculous.)

“Yeah, American football.  I like Pittsburgh, because I like the Pittsburgh Steelers.”



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