Sports Days

(Note: This happened about two months ago.  The weekend before I visited Hwacheon.  Better late than never!)

Second graders--they'll be my students in March! GoogleTranslate reads: "A fine collection of flower fairies"

In South Korea, there are no organized sports leagues until the university level. Instead, each school has their own “sports day.”

Think Field Day from elementary school meets Halloween.

So take a peek at the video, and if you want to hear about the other events of the day, talk to me. They’re funny events.

The Breakdown (so you understand a little what’s going on)

Each class (every grade is divided into 10 classes) competes against all the other classes in their grade in different events.  At my school, the classes also dressed up together, reminding me of the Young Life Halloween parties.  My favorite was the 2nd graders who dressed up as a sauna–decked out in those horrid-orange prison clothes and towels.

I ran in the teacher-parent relay and totally dominated because I’m roughly 20 years younger than everyone else, and shot to instant super-stardom when that combined with the showcasing of my dancing, erhm, “skills.”

Scary, I know.

However, word on the street is the principal told the other teachers and parents that they had “a priceless treasure” in me. Or something to that effect.


(side note: the principal doesn’t want me to visit home during winter vacation because she is afraid I won’t come back and the teachers don’t want me to leave–ever. I assured her that I probably would stay home if I visited, so I’ll go to Thailand instead, therefore making everyone involved pretty darn happy.)


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