For your viewing pleasure

A tinge of homesickness for the holidays + an abundance of time at a computer due to classes being over for the semester = the first map.

An abundance of time at a computer due to classes being over for the semester + inspiration from the first map to continue my doodling = the second map.


All the places I wouldn't mind being. Except maybe Mexico.

(Yes, Alaska & Hawaii are missing. Get over it. Football’s on now. Alaska–college roommate, the whole Palin fiasco; & Hawaii–college pseudo-roommate, Indiana Jones 4 filmed there. There you go.)

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of each state. "Armpit of the nation" couldn't fit on Ohio though (it's the kind of thing you hear growing up when your mom grew up in Pittsburgh), and I really appreciate peanut butter buckeyes, so I put that one up there. Also, West Virginia didn't have enough space for "cousins marrying cousins." Or all the jokes that come out of that.

As a side note, it’s not that I would rather be anywhere else. I wouldn’t trade this year for anything. Literally. And it’s only been four months.

But you know, I love people.  And there’s a lot of people I love a lot scattered around the U.S.  That’s the point.

Merrrryy Christmas & HAPP-y New Year!

My aunt's backyard in Orlando. I MIGHT rather be there... 🙂


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  1. Dear Rachel,
    Missed giving you a big hug at Christmastime! We know you must have missed family gathering at this Christmas-time. We thought of you and prayed that the next months will be as exciting and valuable as the first ones in Korea. Grandpa and I loved visiting there. He liked the food too. Aren’t the folk costumes for ladies beautiful! I still plan to sew up one of those in small size for a doll. You amaze me with your active life….climbing and wall scaling. It would be fun to be in your class. I can see why the students and staff are pleased that you are there. The Korean families at my church are so warm and gracious. They make me think of you over there every time I see them.
    Just had a young Vietnamese man saved at my church. He comes quite regularly now when the job permits.

    Guess I’m out of room. Love, Grandma

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