My toes are froze, and other news

This is just for fun. No relation to the post at all. From September-ish. Fun with mirrors 😉

101 Dalmatians, anyone? No? The cartoon version, of course!

Students are here cleaning my office.  They’ve been here every day since break started.  I’m not sure how they decided which groups of students come in to clean, but they show up, and vacuum and wipe down desks and bleach the bathroom floors.  And all morning So Jung and I have been blasting the heat (we’re the only contract teachers, so we have to come for most of break and “do work” at our desks).

And as I continue to lose feeling in my toes, I wonder why, with the heater right above my head, am I freezing?

Oh, because they opened the windows.  Of course.  That all-important air-flow.  Good golly people.


Oh yeah, students clean the school.  I think I’ve mentioned that before.  Also, a handful of teachers have assigned days where they come into the office, but for the most part they get the month of January off.  I think each teacher has two days where they come in and have “responsibilities,” so there’s a different set of five or so teachers upstairs in the main office every day.  We all order lunch together.  It’s grand.

More exciting news!

I’m getting a Korean name!  Woohoo!

It started when So Jung, Eunmi, Rae, and Rae’s cousin Alisa (who’s half Korean, and visiting from America, and semi-fluent in Korean) and I all went to dinner. Rae’s cousin shared her Korean name–given to her by her grandmother–and I asked them what all their names meant.  For example, “Eun” means silver, and I guess “mi” means beauty because Eunmi’s name means “silver beauty.”

Then everyone got excited, “We should give you a Korean name!”

“Yeah, when I went to Australia I had an English name, you should have a Korean name!”

We decided we’d ask the vice-principal to make a name for me, since he has more experience in that area than 5 unmarried/childless types.

The VP is taking it super-seriously though.  He asked me what my goals and dreams are in life–(um, to help people? that’s all I got)–and what I like to do for hobbies and what sports I like to play and lots of questions like that.  So Jung said he is so serious about this, my name will be just like the names people pay for!

(Some Korean couples will pay a special-lady-that-I’m-sure-has-an-official-title-I-can’t-remember to come up with a name for their child.  Names are very important, I gather!)

At any rate, I am excited.

The VP is exactly the same age as my dad, too, so that’s just lovely.  He is so excited about getting to name me that he said he won’t tell me my name right away.

Nope.  Instead, he’s going to wait until February.

And announce it to the whole school.

Always theatrical, things in this country!

So in February, I’ll let you know what my name is!

(as a side note, I absolutely love things like this–psychology profiles and the meanings behind names and such. So I’ll fill you in on my English names’ meanings when the Korean name comes along, too.  I’m a fan of my English name 🙂 )

I need to include more pictures in my posts. But I don't have any new pictures on the school computer. So here's a view from our Seoraksan adventure again!


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