I keep physically maiming my students

My rough-and-tumble nature is bleeding over into my teaching.  (No pun intended!)

First, I knocked the girl over playing soccer.  She had a bloody patch on her leg where the skin was, well, skinned off.  I should have taken a picture.  But I didn’t want to document the evidence against me.

Second, I played Over the Mountain with my students, causing one student’s jacket to get ripped.

Third, I had my camp students play a game of Assassins.  When one student was running from her attacker, she tripped and was unable to attend the last day of camp because of a sprained ankle.

I realize the last two were indirect, but I still felt bad.  Hello, it’s me.

And if those didn’t get me fired from any institution in America, the last straw would have been five minutes ago.

A few students hung out with me after camp officially ended, and we called Gabe so they could declare their undying love and devotion for him.  We chatted a while and I had them help me decide what to order for lunch.

Then I gave them all a hug goodbye.

I am livin’ on the edge!


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