I sat for a portrait

One of my students drew this for me in camp today (yes, it's a mirror image, that's my name up there with a heart :))

I know you’ve all missed seeing my amazing self, so here’s basically what I look like every day. It’s the coldest it’s been in either 10 years or 100 years–I’ve heard both, so you choose!

Koreans like to smile without showing their teeth. I just can't do that!

Guess what my favorite color to wear is...

"Teacher! It's 'colum,' 'bus'!" Plus this picture is just hilarious--random dung piles (they thing the word "dung" is HILARIOUS), an egg, other things...it's like a Where's Waldo!

What's missing...("4" sounds like "death," so older buildings skip it, or put "F" for the 4th floor)

Isn't my couch so pretty now? Although I usually sit on the floor 'cause it's heated...


2 responses

  1. I found your blog a while back but always felt too shy to comment. This post, however, brings back so many memories of my 15-month teaching experience in Yeonhee-dong of Seoul, that I have to break my silence. The drawings are amazing! Only Korean kids can come up with “colum” and “bus” (while throwing in the mandatory pile of stinky poo-poo, as I couldn’t help but notice 🙂

    But what your post reminding me of missing the most are the heated floors! God, I haven’t sat on the floor since the beginning of November – it’s just too cold! As we are bracing for some serious cold front this weekend here in Indianapolis, I can only dream of the warmth radiating from underneath my feet.

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