Pictures: eyelid glue, eating larvae, essay shoes, etc.

A collection of phone-pictures from the last few months. I know this is the third post in two days, but there’s almost no reading involved, and I have nothing to do at my job. Therefore, pictures!

You may remember me mentioning in my "Appearance is everything" post that young girls sometimes glue their eyelids until they get plastic surgery. Well, here you go. Double-eyelids-in-a-can. Or plastic wrapper.

The stroller didn't fit in the store, so the baby's mother left him/her outside. I mean, the storefront was all glass so no big deal...ish.

Check this kid out! He's got the Korean "single eye lid" they obsess over and his daddy's blonde hair! So cute! (not at all related to the above picture--different cities)

OK, so, eating larvae is a popular thing, at least with the older generation. Let me tell you, they taste like dirt *shudder*. Yech. "High in protein!" Yeah well, so are those red beans that are in everything. And chicken. I'll stick with chicken.

Trying to open a bottle of wine with a chopstick and a fork. The poor fork was mangled beyond recognition. (No worries, someone finally bought a cork opener. All was well!)

Nothing like putting an essay on a shoe! (And giving you guys a crick in the neck when you try to read it.)

Surprised me to catch this little guy in the middle of Seoul's central park. He was insanely popular.

I've been instructed to wait until the Lunar New Year (February 3) to open this. Did I mention I'm not a patient person? Of course, last holiday I got toothpaste...


3 responses

  1. Larva? Was it mealies or Silks? Looks like Silkworm
    pupa. A by product of silk production. I raised both
    in my house. Mealies are tasty but silks and crickets
    are too cute to be appitizeing. Though I’de imagine silks
    would be sweet. The meal worm tastes like roast chicken
    with hazel nuts – and the texture reminds me of cavier. I
    freeze them to kill them, being cold makes them hibernate
    it’s how most die in the wild anyway and seems better then
    cooking stuff alive. People think I’m weird for eating bugs.
    Glad to see it’s not so abnormal.

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