My Korean name sounds funny

Well, it came down to five names, worked on by the vice-principal and discussed with the principal, and then the teachers in the office Tuesday got the final vote, and my Korean name is………


Pronounced: boh-me


Basically, it means: spring, fresh, new life, vibrant, etc. etc.

Because my birthday is in May. So simple, after all that thought!

So there you have it!  Other contestants were:

홍이 (hohng-ee); wide (in heart), broad (in mind), beautiful, lovely, fair–basically, the total package 😉

나래 (nah-rae); angel, one who flies, vibrant

누리 (nu-ree); unique in the world

하니 (hah-knee); dynamic, a person of action, can do anything (the pronunciation reminds me simultaneously of “honey” and “high-knees”)

My parents are supposed to call me “boh-me-ah,” which means “child.”

And my English name?  Oh no big thing.  Just named after a woman whose husband fell in love with her on sight and wanted her and no one else and worked for 14 years for the right to marry her, and was still in love with her and had her on his mind even on his death-bed even though she had passed away many years before.

No big deal. 🙂

I like my names!

Hopefully I’ll live up to both of them.

Well, except for the dying-way-earlier-than-my-husband part.

(and this week was lunar new year, and it was fabulous, and it’s not over yet, and I love holidays, and going back to work in March will be hard, this job is the easiest one on the planet, you all should hate me.)

A card from one of my students, with a traditional Korean mask from the vice-principal

Front of the card from my student--must have been a traditional-Korean-mask day!

korean traditional mask

So I guess I'm supposed to hang it somewhere? Wonder if it's for good luck or something...I should probably ask these things!


2 responses

  1. Hey Rachel, I mean Boh-me,
    We have several of those little masks that Jenny (American name), the little girl from South Korea who stayed with us years ago, brought us as gifts. She told us they were for good luck. It’s a small world after all, isn’t it? (Now the song will be stuck in your head the rest of the day…sorry)

    Take Care,

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