Smile! You’re on Candid Caaamera!

I must needs upload the vid of me wiping out gloriously and embarrassingly on Korean Wipeout for all yous not on the Book of Face.  Look forward to it.

Until then!  Random spastic-y moment of the day!

I go to Google because Daum (which is 2nd to Naver as the search-engine-of-choice over hurr) just doesn’t do it for me.

Google’s homepage is SO COOL, and the first thing I notice is that there’s a little lever on the left, sorry right, that you can steer with, and you’re in a submarine UNDER THE WATER! AWESOME!

As I spazz out over this, So Jung asks what’s so cool.  So I show her.  Then I’m in the middle of researching what is so wonderful about today that Google decided to let me test-drive a submarine from the comforts of my office when Eunmi joins the party to see what all the commotion is about.

Me: “Oh look! See? It’s so cool, and watch you can go uuuuup, and doowwwwn, and over herrrre, and to the other siiiiide…”

Eunmi: “Oh…[chuckle].  Is that all?  [So Jung joins the laughter]  You’re so cute.”

Evidently I’m still eight years old.  And totally fine with it.

As an aside, doing much better–Thanks for all the support, it was much appreciated.  Sometimes you just need to unload your brain and emotions and do a mini-spring-cleaning, you know?  And last night was grand, I love my co-teachers, as Eunmi had only gotten 2 hours of sleep Sunday night and still came out with us, and today I was busy running every which way and getting signatures and organizing things and just generally feeling super efficient and useful.  And looking at maps of Thailand.  Five days!!

Edit: AND I just got a package with wonderful medicines and REESE’S and spices and teas.  Better day, foshos.


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