Lunar New Year goings ons, in snapshots

There were six of these guys, with motors on the back of their chairs. Went a little something like this: "Hey let's go eat--wait, look at that! Whoa there's two of them! There's THREE! What is going on?! There's six of these crazy kids flying around on chairs up there! Oh, Korea...I just don't understand you."

Yup. That's where we were.

Hanbok + cotton candy = old + new

There wasn't too much going on at the fish market. Funny though--the workers were all older. Wonder if these will disappear with the older generation?

They smell worse than they look, and they taste worse than they smell.

I stalk cute children on subways.

Pretending to be Koreans. They're very over-eager.

"Se-vo-re." Nope, still wrong. But probably as close to "Chevrolet" as a language without V's, F's, and R's will get.

This was the funnest thing EVER. EH-VER. The lifeguards got a little upset with me spinning around as much as I could 🙂

PlayDoci! We were verrryyyy under-dressed as 99% of the women were pants away from wearing full-on suits. Also popular: goggles, swim caps, baseball caps, and life jackets.

The extent of golf-playing in Korea. They have this, and screen golf--woohoo!

Picture this: you're walking along the street in the middle of a city of 3 million people, and you look up, and see one of those amusement-park-pirate-ships swing above your head.

So we went on the roof to check it out! How would you like those guys' apartments? The guy running the ride left us on for triple the normal time--I couldn't eat for half-an-hour after that. That's how you know it's bad.

None of us knew what the point of this ride thing was--but this guy put on an impromptu dance concert...adding to our confusion.

One of my finer moments 🙂


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