Oh man oh man oh man

Every time I leave to go somewhere new, I hesitate.  I don’t want to leave where I am.  But then I move on and the people are more captivating, the experiences more exhilarating, and I just feel more and more content and peaceful.  Something I was definitely in need of after January!

When I get back, I’ll try to post a few words and pictures on each place: Bangkok, Phi Phi, Tonsai, and Chiang Mai.

I’m in Chiang Mai right now, with classes for children who are at-risk for trafficking or have been victims of it going on above and below me, with their voices echoing through the open-air stairwells and rooms.

Whether from the constant travel and activity with little sleep, or just the draining of all my stress from the last couple months and maybe the MSG they add to all the food over here, I constantly feel tired.  My dreams are tumultuous, and my sleep is often restless.

And I just emailed my co-teacher to ask if I can take a sick-day on Friday.  I want to stay longer!

If I can’t though, it has already been the most amazing 11 days of my life.

(If you can’t tell, I get very introspective when I’m sleep-deprived 🙂 )

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