Bangkok, part 2: So much to show-and-tell about a place I would have gladly skipped!

Met a lovely group of Australians, who invited me along on their boat tour of the canals. Whoop!

Thai massage! I have to say though, I wasn't amazed. I still have knots littering my back. It is the cheapest massage you'll ever get though!

Boat ride!



Life on the canals

These bird-house-looking temples were where residents of the house would offer food every day to appease the spirits. The next day, they throw away the old food and put new food up there.

Brown house, blue door. Blue house, brown windown frame. If I was Dr. Seuss that would have rhymed.

Laundry day

More monks! And that guy's nose is in more of my pictures...

She rowed up to us and latched on, trying to sell her wares.

Apparently they don't mind being a tourist attraction

Just lean with it

You don't want to accidentally get some of this canal water in your mouth. That's how you get dengue fever, people! Although we passed lots of people swimming around in it, I'm sure they've built up an immunity.

Getting back to my bus terminal, I snagged a ride with this character! He was very informative about those “bad tuk-tuks” who take you to “mafia shops.”

Also, apparently Thai people weekly come to the royal palace to pray to their king. The king is quite a big deal here–his picture is everywhere, usually surrounded by some sort of ornate, gold frame, and word on the street is a tourist once spent seven years in a Thai jail for drawing a mustache on the king’s picture that is on all their currency. Whoops.

The palace that people apparently gather in front of to pray on a weekly basis. Must be why there's so much space in front of it.

See? The king and queen of Thailand! I think he's the longest-reigning monarch in the world, but don't quote me on that.

That was pretty much the day! Nothing too exciting. Chatted with a Scottish guy whilst waiting for the bus, and since we happened to be taking the same one, we loaded up and headed SOUTH.

I learned:

  • Scottish people are NOT English, despite technically being under U.K. rule
  • Shrek has a pretty good Scottish accent
  • He (the Scottish guy, not Shrek) works in a company running walking tours in major cities around Europe, and is looking to expand. I actually gave him a bit of business advice along the lines of non-compete laws, which made me feel special. Guess my education wasn’t completely wasted!

He was headed for Koh Samui, but luckily the people sitting behind me were also bound for Krabi with me. I was going to head to Tonsai first, but instead went along with them to Koh Phi Phi. Didn’t much matter to me the order of things! (Later I discovered the dive shop in Tonsai took you out to Phi Phi to dive, so I could have had more time on Tonsai and skipped the mayhem of Phi Phi. *Sigh* again. However, then I probably wouldn’t have met the people on Tonsai that I did, and for that reason, I’m glad everything went as it did!)

The overnight bus was decent–double-decker style. We had the front seats on top, so lots of room to stretch out. I think I slept four or so hours. Story of the next 10 days!

Temple #2. I think this one was actually free. Hope so!

Where I ate two meals! 30 baht = $1. Loverly.

Of course, this was where they washed dishes...I'm guessing it doesn't meet many U.S. health codes. Come to think of it, I did see a bug run across the floor--but then again, it was open air!

I sat here for a few hours reading, waiting for the bus. It's a little hard to see, but there's another gilded larger-than-life picture of His Majesty in front of the train station.

My kind of place!

Thailand Santa Claus!


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