My 15 minutes of fame

This morning, a young Korean girl at Covenant approached me.

“Are you Rachel? Did you catch a fish?”

Apparently I was broadcast on KBS last night, one of Korea’s main news resources.

Yup, I’m that famous.

We decided to train up to Hwacheon this weekend to give the secluded Dan & Amelia a visit.  Actually, just to go to the fishing festival. (This festival was originally an ice-fishing festival, but was cancelled because of foot-and-mouth disease and freaked-out Koreans. It was rescheduled to now, but the river was mostly de-thawed. Boo.)

I can upload video sometime this month, after my camera recharges.  But basically, the competition was to catch trout with your bare hands while wearing shorts and a t-shirt and chasing them around a section of shallow river-water.

These were the A-class outfits they gave us. We were expecting knee-high rainboots and waterproof pants. No dice.

"What are we looking at?"

The water was so cold it felt like thousands of needles jabbing you incessantly.  Right up until you lost all feeling in your limbs. Hypothermia, anyone?

I couldn’t really feel my hands, but I managed to catch two of the slippery little buggers. I actually caught three, but the first one jumped right out of my hands when I held it above my head in triumph.  Whoops.

I was not as successful as this guy, but I might have been just as excited

Anyways, since I’m a blonde-and-blue foreigner, the news crews went cuh-ray-zee over me.  And I was so cold I was talking even louder, exciting-ier, and faster than normal.  I’m sure it was a stellar interview.

I looked super-cool and was super-eloquent. Definitely repped for the U.S.of.A. "Look at my fish!! I caught FISH!! I've never fished before!! AHHHHHH!!"

I’m a little apprehensive for tomorrow.  Wonder how many of my fellow teachers saw me in my bright-orange tee, yelling at the camera about how I’d never been fishing before and I couldn’t feel my feet?

I chattered and shivered for a good five or 10 minutes next to the locker room heater, then we roasted the fish and sat down for a little lunch.

And got mobbed by even MORE cameras, reporters, microphones, the whole shabang!

Cheesin' it up for the cameras. Notice the random old Korean man who sat down to drink with us!

We're EXCITED!! Cause it's KOREA!!

FIVE waygooks???  In Hwacheon??? Unheard of!

The side of the table you can't see? Full of reporter-types.

Ryan hammed it up nicely, “Fish in America, baaaad, but this fish? GOOOOOD!”

Get outa the way, fool

And then I ate a fish eye.

It wasn't squishy, like I thought it would be. It was weird. Kinda chewy in a stale way. Didn't know eyes got stale.


2 responses

  1. Hi,

    The blog looks recently interesting, the two guys you were with here are really handsome. I’m a bloke and went there recently (British) and I got mobbed but I can imagine they had to bring a long pole? Why the reporters by the way?

    I’ll send you an extended message perhaps in another post, I haven’t had the chance to read much yet! The views of some of the places look phenomenal I’m dead jealous having just arrived back in the UK from Korea (returning in a few months).

    More in a bit,


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