I’ll beat them yet

They think they can keep me ignorant, but I have GoogleTranslate.

Welcome to the new transfer school teachers welcoming the Wed, March 9 is. The magazine’s promise to drink ..
Mutual Aid is running late, welcoming feeling that is a little late.
Reception takes place later than the hot (Keke) I’ll welcome. ^ ^
Time and place will be contacted in the future.

I’m going to go ahead and assume that means after school on Wednesday we’ll have a dinner to welcome the new teachers. Which is splendid because I’m leaving Friday to get my eyes sliced up with a knife/laser combo.

On a similar note, I’ve also hijacked a calendar, and deduced that the purple blocks are my vacation days. Oh and lookit, now I know when the semester ends, instead of constantly being told, “I’m not suuuurrre…”

I’m onto you, Korea. I’ve got you figured out.

Four-day weekend in May, here I come!



4 responses

  1. Four-day weekend in May?!? Woo-hoo! How did you decipher this?

    I know every school has a different schedule (or maybe not), but I’m curious, when does the semester ACTUALLY end for you?

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