More Tonsai: You go for a week, and stay for a month. Or two. Or five.


I climbed some rocks, and jumped in the water. It was cool.  Left my stomach on the rocks while my body plummeted into ocean.  Saw jelly fish the size of Santa Claus’s bowl-full-of-jelly. Hah, didn’t even mean to make a jelly pun—it’s been a long day.

My favorite thing from this day, though, was Paca.  She was a 50s-ish Spanish woman who is a beautiful free spirit and a wonderful woman.  She was there with her son, so she came with us on the boat to enjoy the basically-private nook-of-a-beach around the corner from our climbing spot.

Oh!  When I swam in the bay of this particular beach, there was a huge school of fish that were about the size of your hand, and it was cool with them swimming around me, until one of them bit me!  Not so cool.

We played on the beach. And stuff.

That night, we hung out on the bamboo patio—the same one I had fallen asleep on a couple nights before—and just rested, all content with everything.

I offered massages, because that’s what I do–not sure why I enjoy it so much, but I do! It’s relaxing.  After Paca’s, she seriously made my week with her thankfulness and gratitude.  She gave me a traditional Thai bow, and said something along the lines of…

Oh my God, that was the best massage–and I’ve had massages all over, Japanese, Philippines…everywhere!  You just found all of my knots and knew exactly what to do to work them out–and you’ve never had training?  No?  Really?  Amazing. You have a gift.  You should really do something with your hands in your life.  I thank you. I feel like a new woman…

Etc. More of that.

I love comforting people.  I love hugs, I love just holding people, I love touching someone’s arm to comfort them or to say Hi or to say Bye or just to say nothing at all.

Anyways.  The rest of Tonsai was pretty uneventful.  Just relaxing and beautiful and addictive.

If I didn’t have a contract here, I’d still be there!


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  1. Can I just say that I’m incredibly jealous of all your wild adventures?! haha wish I could be there with you! So glad you had a great break though:)

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