For those at home who miss my face

I had a mild case of identity theft come to my attention last night, so I didn’t sleep much. And I think you should go into eye-laser surgery semi-well-rested.  So I’ll quickly summarize the crazi-/Korean-ness of the week.

  • New V-P got immensely more drunk than anyone else at the school welcome-new-teachers dinner by trading soju shots with basically every other teacher there, and insisted on a norebang afterwards. Because of hierarchy, all the head teachers had to join, and myself and two teacher-friends got more-or-less-but-kind-of-more dragged along. And it was super awkward. And at times a little insulting and uncomfortable. Gym Teacher tried to shield us from drunk old Korean man, and helped us make our escape. We felt like spies. It was cool.
  • Except there is one teacher I can never look at the same. Something about a 40-ish-year-old-man dancing with a microphone cord draped across his shoulder and flaunting it like a feather-boa just burns into your brain.
  • New Principal’s mother died, so yesterday after school most of the teachers loaded up a charter bus to drive 3 hours to Jeonju (which is apparently famous for its bibimbap, not that we got to try any) to go to the Korean version of a viewing. Very interesting.  I may try to break it down later, but basically: there’s food and beer/soju, you do a lot of bowing, and everyone that knows anyone related to the woman shows up over a span of three days and the sons/husband just hang out in this hall and bow to everyone and the women serve everyone food in their black hanboks.
  • Gym Teacher very emphatically assured me he does NOT have a girlfriend. No girlfriend! Got it! Mmhmmmmm

On that note, some vids I recorded when I was bored this week.  I’m not quite at the top of my say-ridiculous-and-random-things-so-you-don’t-know-whether-you’re-laughing-at-me-or-with-me game, but hopefully they’re mildly entertaining. They’re at least the last shot of me with glasses–woooooo!!!

The first two are just general feelings about Korea and why I’m leaving, the last one is random and includes a semi-spastic moment, in the third one I freak out about LASEK and implore you to keep me company on Skype this weekend as I endure what I’ve been told from a mother-who-is-pregnant-with-#2 is worse than childbirth for three days, and the fourth one is comparing myself to parents who try to be cool. Ouch.

(Oh, and in case you’re wondering, the identity theft in question included a check wherein the perpetrator crossed out my address and wrote in their own address and phone number. So it’s getting sorted.  I’m getting a new account, and I’m checking with the po-po to see if I can charge for heinous forgery.  Because seriously people, just because I’m a girl doesn’t mean I sign my checks all squiggly and girly-like with circles to dot my i’s.)

Anyone else like how my blogs that I don’t have time to write still end up as 500 words? No, you don’t, because then you have to read skim them.


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