Loverly weekend, laser blasters to the eyes and all.

A friend was having a party somewheres in Seoul.

Didn’t go.

Suyeon had a birthday shindig.

Skipped it.

Friends came in from out in the countrayy to show Incheon a good time.

Missed that.

No, my weekend consisted of watching a doctor slice off a layer of my eyes with a scalpel, having my eyes subsequently fried by a laser–I swear I smelled burning–and laying on my bed feeling like I had chunks of dirt permanently stuck in my eyes with no way to get them out.

All because LASEK is cheaper in Korea, by a few grand.

Ate: Cheese, crackers, oatmeal, crab/tomato/feta salads, olives, S’mores, sweet potato french fries (homemade!)

Watched: All 3 seasons of the Inbetweeners, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, For Colored Girls, Endless Summer, The Daily Show & Colbert Report, and just started in on The Great Escape, which is fabulous so far.

Listened to (books): Swiss Family Robinson and Robinson Crusoe. And you know what?  Defoe is really, really boring.

Talked to: Mi madre and various other family peoples, Jake, Brynna, Anthrax, Smc, Blake

Dreamed about: running from the law, being a teacher, the crew from HIMYM

Ran out of: Toilet paper, chips, oil

Looked super-cool in: Chess’s sunglasses she so graciously let me borrow because I kept forgetting to buy a pair until it was too late

Learned: I’m gonna need a new knife if I plan to make more sweet potato french fries

Almost: cut my eyes out of my face with a spoon

Smelled like: I’d been laying in my bed for three days.

Don’t worry, I showered this morning.

I also fought dehydration because your eyes hurt so much the first day they basically just stream tears automatically.



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  1. Rachel, a friend of mine from one of the trips overseas told me that her eye surgery like yours was one of the best investments she’s ever made.

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