Ode to So Jung

Well, not really an ode. I think that constitutes some sort of poetry.  But basically, I love her.  She’s a contract teacher, as well, so we are a little bit more on the same page. And we bonded over boys. That being said.

Me: I have to fill out this lesson-plan plan for my after-school classes.

So Jung: Just…make it easy.

a couple seconds pass…

“You can just make it…fake. *giggle giggle* That’s what we all do. Just write something down, and think later. *laughs* I keep teaching you bad things!”


Today is P-T conferences, and food tends to appear in our offices whenever parents are within a 50 meter radius of the school.  One such appearance was made by a jumbo-box of Dunkin Donuts.  I watched the box be passed from the teacher next to me to the teacher next to So Jung (So Jung is in front of me across the mini-partition-thing, so we face each other a bit).

So Jung: The other teachers say you can have a donut now, because they will all eat them together later when the parents leave, but you will probably be home by then.

Me: Oh that’s OK, I’m still really full, I’ll just wait until later.

Several minutes pass, and the teachers filter out of the office.

So Jung leans across the partition and whispers, “Can you eat a donut now? I really want a donut!”

Me: Oh! Hah, you were waiting for me? Why didn’t you say!

I run around to her side of the desk, and we start digging through the box to find our favorite kinds.

So Jung: I’m so hungry, and this box is right next to me so I could smell the donuts!…It was like torture!

Miss her, I will.


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