Don’t wait to start living. It doesn’t taste as good.

The problem with my setup in Korea is this: it’s temporary, and I’ve let that affect everything.

Shouldn’t decorate my apartment, ’cause I’ll be gone in a year.

Why bother cooking, if it’s usually just me anyway?

Is it worth it to invest in new relationships now, when I’m over halfway done here?

That sort of thing.

But I can’t–as in shouldn’t–wait until I leave to do things like cook good food, dedicate myself to things of value, that sort of thing.  It’s worse than the you-should-wait-til-you’re-married-to-have-adventures setup I was stuck in a few years back. (I know, I know. Don’t get me started..)

So I’ve decided that this “temporary living” is stopping.  Well, stopped. A few days ago.

Started with the Costco run, continued when I decided on making some visual new year’s resolutions in preparation for my birthday, and well, it’s just better this way!

Anyways, the real point of this post is, I just want to brag about some of my recent breakfasts, by way of pictures.

Because now that I’m in a much healthier state of mind and body, I’m able to get up early. I do yoga. I make succulent–yes, succulent–breakfasts. I enjoy them as I listen to music or catch up on news or chat with friends. After I’ve enjoyed my morning, then, and only then, do I get ready for work.

Let’s face it: when you’re me, you can’t afford to wait to enjoy life.

Mostly because of the amount of jaywalking I do, and the number of times I’m in the middle of the should-I-or-shouldn’t-I-make-a-run-for-it when the lights change and cars start streaming through the space I was just contemplating throwing my body.


Lazy Sunday morning! Crab, tomato, and basil omelet with marinara and parmesan. And red wine, because, why not!

Crepes! (There's another one cooking) The little blue cup has cinnamon sugar in it, that I sprinkled on top. And I bought strawberries today to use in tomorrow's. Um, I'll be going to bed now, so I can get up soon and make some more!


4 responses

  1. So good! And true. In the book “Make Every Man Want You, Or Make Yours Want You More,” the author talks about not waiting for a man, a new house, a better job, or ANYTHING before you start living. It’s something I still struggle with, but I’m trying my hardest! I probs should try to cook more. We’ll see…

    • right? tomorrow might not be there!
      on cooking, i kind of want to take some classes–like greek food, or mexican, or something fun–but i also spend a lot of time messing up recipes i find online when i try to personalize them. But one day soon!

  2. ¡Carpe diem! -This is not just a clichè, but a way of life, and it looks like you’re beginning to enjoy every opporunity. Way to go! Some people live their whole lives missing out and only realize it when it’s already too late. In addition, in your case right now, who knows, Korea might not be as temporary as previously conjured, perhaps something might happen that will prompt you to stay longer. That may be a long-shot, but… ¿Quièn sabe el destino?

    Crepes! Yum! I can make an assorted variety of different breakfasts, but never tried crepes. Cool, thanks for the idea! There are a myriad of recipes around to make the thin-crepe-cake-part, do you have one in particular that works out well?

    Keep up the good bloggin’!

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