“Now you know how to speak Konglish!”

(Edit: In Korea, there is no office to keep track of students and handle matters such as attendance and discipline. This is up to the homeroom teachers. Therefore, it is common practice–at least at my school–for the teachers to give all their students their phone numbers on the first day of class. The one day we had crazy amounts of snow, my coT’s (co-teachers) were commenting on how many students texted them asking if they still had school.)

Student 1: “Teacher! Number! Phone! Mine!”

Yours Truly: “What would I do with your number? I’m not going to call you! Why would I call you?”

Student 1 & 2: [blank stares]

Yours Truly: “I’m not giving you my number! Why do you want to call me?”

Student 2: “Teacher! Uhh…phone number!”

Me: “No, in America, teachers don’t give their numbers to students.”

Student 1 & 2: [blank stares]

Student 1: “Uh, teacher, sorry, what?”

Myself: “In…America…”

Student 1: “Miguk…”

I: “Teachers…”

Student 1: “Sunsangnim…”

Cheo: “Phone number…”

Student 1: “[what was probably Korean for “phone number”…]”

Na: “Students…”

Student 1: “Haksaeng…”

Yo: “No!” [the famed “X” with the arms]

Student 1 & 2: Ahhhhh!!  OK!  English room key!  Thank you!  Byyyyee!

And then So Jung threw in the title comment.


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