You know you want to be a teacher, too.

1) Phone conversation from this morning:

“Hello Rachel! Where are you?”

“Walking to school [at the same time as always].”

“Oh.  Sorry, I forgot to tell you yesterday, classes start early today–in 10 minutes. So you’d better hurry.”

2) Head English teacher’s mother passed away, so there’s a solid chance I’ll be loading up in a charter bus tomorrow to ride down to Daejeon, eat some food, give some money, and get home late. (The Korean version of a viewing is strangely similar to a wedding.)

3) Just discovered two things that make my life grand: my school’s laminating machine, and the instant pumpkin soup mix with all the little coffee packets.

Yes, I know, all the excitement is too much to handle.

Yearbook picture for the family without Facebook 🙂



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