If your husband is fat, divorce him

The chapter right now is on advice, and I received this beautiful illustration as the response to a problem, in place of any actual English.

The problem was, in short: your roommate is dirty and lazy, never showers, never washes dishes, and you can’t communicate with her.

Something along the lines of "throw her into a river, then she'll get clean and her clothes will be washed, then the sun will dry her out, and 19 Gold which I'm not sure what that is, and happy! end."

Also, yes, they did suggest divorcing the slothful husband. Or showing him pictures of hot actors to motivate him.  Or getting fat yourself so you could then workout together.

A few students suggested throwing out his video games and replacing them with the Wii Fit.

I gave them two points.


2 responses

  1. I was always amazed at how blunt almost every Korean girl was about what to look for in a husband. Never did funny, or fun to be around come up, and handsome was 2nd, always to how much money he had. It was amazing how comfortable they were, blatantly saying they’d be happy to marry for even an extra step up on the social scale, for a bit more money. If I asked, well, what if the guy isn’t fun to be around, or isn’t handsome – “It doesn’t matter, if I have money, I’ll be happy”.

    For a culture where family is supposed to be so important, they have a strange way of showing it sometimes.

    • I’ve noticed that–marriage here is still very much a status thing. I spoke with one Korean man who described how his last girlfriend broke up with him because she met a man with a better “condition”–i.e. he was a lawyer and had a nice car. A man who has worked here for several years told our group at orientation that Korean men are notoriously unfaithful, but the women turn a blind eye (unless it’s obnoxiously blatant) because they want to marry a “good catch.”

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