Korean Freeze Tag

On the way back from our after-lunch walk around the school grounds–enjoying the sunshine and not having to wear coats twice our size–a group of students grabbed me to fulfill my promise to join their game of “Ice! Water!”

We played on the raised platform in front of the school, and basically, the “It” person does the normal bit, but if they’re about to tag you, you can hug yourself and yell “Ice!”  You are then frozen, and therefore safe.  Then another player can come along and tag you–“Deng!”–and you are water again.

So more like the TV-tag version of freeze tag, or some other off-shoot.

Before we started, a group of my students from last semester stopped to talk with me and I received a much-needed hug.

As I stood there holding my student’s hand, lamenting with her about how she doesn’t have class with me this year, I thought how wonderfully inappropriate this would be in the States, and how delightfully awkward it was besides all that.

I’m feeling a sight better than this morning, that’s for sure!  Of course there’s more to that, but not really cultural-Korea related, so we’ll let it lie.

I love people.

Also, this is how I spend lunchtimes with my co-Teachers:

Playing with the app on Rae's iPhone. Yup, that's me! Weird, right?


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