Side note, or “musings of the future”

Thoughts running through my head–wrote them down to get them out.

I finally figured out what I want to study for my Master’s. Conveniently, I could study this relatively uncommon field either at Pittsburgh or at the university where a friend is currently pursuing her law degree.


Do I want to go full-time? I’m insanely social, after all.  Although I do love books almost as much as people…

Do I want to go part-time? Pros: can work while in school and pay-as-you-go, have an actual life. Cons: takes longer, no scholarships. Which leads to my next thought…

Do I want to pay off my undergraduate loans beforehand (which would make this a fairly long time-frame) or just take out more loans on top of them, or delay it a couple years to save up? (The better university is, of course, more expensive.)

Do I stay in Korea another year to save up some cash for the above? (99% “No” on this, but I have to throw out all the options)

I know there’s plenty of rhetoric about how education is over-priced and not necessary anymore and not worth the investment. If you’re looking at it in terms of pay-raise, then yes, that is often the case. But I honestly want to learn, as well as open myself up for different types of jobs–I don’t care much if they’re higher paying, as long as they’re more challenging and interesting.

I think I’ll just take the GRE, send in a couple applications, and see where the wind takes me!

Yes yes, good plan.

Redwood forest campgrounds, CA

Iceberg at the tip of the "W" in Los Torres del Paine, Patagonia

Heading to the victory parade, Super Bowl XLIII (Location #1)

We could study and commiserate together! (Location #2)

Hogar de las ninas, Osorno, Chile

Middle of the "W", Los Torres, Patagonia

"The Sun Sets in the West," Pacific Ocean, CA coast


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  1. What are you gonna study? Also, I think your plan is good. Just take it one day at a time…keep all your options open. There are pros and cons to full-time and part-time. Either way, you’ll figure it out.

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